Our brains are wired up to assume that that we are always thinking about what we want. Your brain thinks that it’s job is to bring you what you think about, that is, what you want.  Isn’t that so nice of your brain?

This is why, when you’ve been thinking about ditching the minivan and getting a little blue convertible with all the bells and whistles, you start seeing it everywhere, don’t you? That’s why when you become pregnant, it seems like everyone is pregnant!

The bummer is, we are often thinking about what we don’t want, and therefore, sending a message to our brain to bring us more laundry, more throw up and a schedule too busy to fit in any mommy time.

Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE that you are thinking about what you WANT.  I have a million cool and simple ways to do this…here is one of my favorites.

The One Minute Visualization Exercise: Visualizations are different than daydreams as daydreams are pretty willy nilly and wishy washy.  They may be flooded with thoughts about what happened yesterday or what someone said or what you may do over the weekend or what you may have for lunch.  Visualizations are focused and thoughtful. They have a purpose and it’s simple: Bring with much imagination and vibrant detail exactly what you want to your mind’s eye. To be vague is purposeless here.  SEE yourself signing a book that you wrote and a line out of the bookstore with buyer’s eagerly waiting to meet you. SEE yourself throw your arms up in triumph at the 26th mile.  SEE yourself relaxing by your fireplace with a book you love, your feet up and the kids sleeping like logs.  Feel everything in the visualization as though it is truly happening now.  Show your brain the joy that comes with what you want. Make your brain SEE it and FEEL it, so it can work on bringing it to you.

Just for one minute.  Set a timer.  You’ll see…

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