It seems like everyone is always telling us moms that we need a break…As if we don’t already know this!  

Let’s face it, sitters are very expensive, family isn’t always available and the reality is, it’s just easier to keep trucking along as always rather than find a way to get our much needed break.  

Yes, alone time is rare, valued and important. But, sometimes what a mommy really needs is a little time with her spouse or partner – alone.  
Recently, I dropped off my kids with a friend who has kids the same age as ours.  She took them right after dinner and kept them overnight!  What a luxury to wake up in our own home to a quiet house!  Plus, we just simply drove down the street to pick them up. Yay! We’re already planning when she can drop off her kids at our place. 

I think a lot of moms think about doing this, even talk about it, but just never go for it.  One reason may be that typically when we plan a trip or overnight stay for our kids, it may seem daunting or like asking too much of our friends because she just learned the potty or sometimes he has nightmares.  

To get around these bumps in the road, know that your buddy’s kids will likely have their own milestone situations going on and you can always easily go retrieve a kid that wasn’t ready for a sleepover. Also, offer to have the first sleepover at your place to get the ball rolling.  Lastly, choose a family that has kids that yours really enjoy playing with.  

This is way easier than you might think and probably more available to you then you’ve thought through and certainly, more needed than you know! 

Once you take kids along with you on a vacation, though it may turn out to be fun, it probably tends to be a bit less of a “vacation” than you hoped.  

A friendly stay-cation, swap situation is easy to plan, free, and the kids have a ball!  

Every one wins!  

Find your music among mayhem,

P.S. MOM #3: How to Create Motivation all on your own is coming up in the next blog!