Give Your Mind a Good Spring Cleaning

I went to Michigan State University (Go Green!) for undergraduate school. When I attended, there were about 55,000 kids there. It was quite a different academic setting than I was used to, but I embraced it. I liked the anonymity and independence of it all. I actually even enjoyed being a number rather than a [...]

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The Kid Swap Done Right

Hello!It seems like everyone is always telling us moms that we need a break...As if we don't already know this!  Let's face it, sitters are very expensive, family isn't always available and the reality is, it's just easier to keep trucking along as always rather than find a way to get our much needed break. [...]

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Do Everyone Else A Favor and Ask For Help…

It's really's even harder, for some strange reason, if you're a woman. But, it's sometimes the very best thing that you can do for yourself.Here's the kicker...if it still feels weird and impossible. Asking for help may actually be added to the long list of things that you are actually doing for other people.People [...]

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