Every year around this time, all of my clients participate in the “Cheri Flake Willpower Challenge.”

This challenge is super simple and great fun! You pick one “I will” power and one “I won’t” power and commit to do one thing, and not do another thing for 40 days straight. No negotiating. No trying. Just doing it so you can come out on the other end triumphant, empowered and feeling like a million bucks!

Want to join us? Cool! I just couldn’t let my readers miss out on all of the fun!

Step One: Pick your “I will” and “I won’t” powers.

First and foremost, know this, it’s perfectly ok if your powers are small. The most important thing is that you pick two things that you will do. Not that you will try to do or wish you would do or can see yourself failing in anyway. I want your willpowers to be attainable so don’t kill yourself here.

Remember, you aren’t picking some characteristic or behavior about yourself that from now you will do or make true. This isn’t New Year’s Day for goodness sake! Just pick two things that you can keep up for 40 days. That’s it.

Some good examples of “I will” powers that my clients pick:

  • Flossing every day
  • Doing the dishes before bed
  • Practicing an instrument for a specific set of time (see below)
  • Spiritual reading
  • And of course, my personal favorite: Meditate!

Some good examples of “I won’t” powers that my clients pick:

  • Drink
  • Eat a specific food (e.g., chocolate)
  • Cuss
  • Yell at the kids
  • Play a video game

Step 2: Get specific.

You may have an inclination to go big anyway like, “I won’t consume any sugar.” Besides the fact that this seems most difficult (I mean, crackers and ketchup have sugar!), please remember that the goal is to have you be a great success. Also, this power has the high potential to be difficult to navigate for 40 whole days. Your brain is going to have all kinds of reasons of 40 days to blow this off, so make it hard for your brain to return to your old ways by being very clear at the get-go.

So, let’s make the sugar thing more specific… “I won’t eat dessert” or “I won’t have any candy,” are way better because they are specific.

Step 3: Figure out your start date and end date.​

This is simple…if tomorrow is day one, when is day 40? Also, consider starting on a Wednesday or in the middle of the day…whaaaaaat!? I know, crazy, right?

I do set up the challenge every year to coincide with the Christian Lenten Season, but Jesus doesn’t have to be your guy to get in on the action. I’m lucky that my clientele comes from all walks of life and everybody still goes for it.

The truth is, I set up Cheri Flake’s Willpower Challenge at this time of year on purpose. First, since Lent is kind of a big deal here in the United States, other people in your community are likely to be participating in some commitment practice right now which can feel really supportive. If you are religious or spiritual, feel free to get Buddha, Allah, The Universe, or Jimmy or whatever you call “It” involved in your challenge. This can be really enriching and lift your mood to boot.

Second, good news! It’s not January! Failed New Year’s resolutions in your past? Who cares?! It’s Spring! Woot! It’s the epitome of new beginnings and feeling great. And, remember, feeling good is the name of the game.

The most important thing when you want to try to get any new behavior into your life is feeling good about it. So, do whatever you have to do, get pumped, get ready!

Step 4: Grab an accountability partner.

If you don’t have one, use me!

Send me an email at cheri@thestresstherapist.com telling me your start date, end date, one “I will” power and one “I won’t” power and bam! You are off to the races!


My start date is March 15th, 2019

My end date is April 24th, 2019

I will meditate for 5 minutes each day

I won’t look at any screens past 9:30pm

See? Easy!

Remember, you are already perfect, so don’t worry about that…just figure it out, get pumped, make it official and GO! I wish you great success!

Let the Cheri Flake Willpower Challenge Commence!

Much love and light to you,