Too Legit To Quit

If you hashtag meditation up on your social media, you’re most likely going to see a super skinny, blonde, white lady on a beach dressed in a flow-y, white something or other making lovely mudras with her hands with a serene and perfect look on her face.

Is that what meditation really looks like?

I frankly don’t think so. In fact, I would be absolutely shocked to learn that this lovely person is actually meditating.

Well, what does meditation look like? 

Meditation is a lot like sleeping, in that you don’t really want anyone taking your picture in the midst of your silence. It’s not likely to be, well,…pretty.

Alas, you say, but all things are pretty on social media!


So, today, after about 15 years of meditation, I give to you, my lucky, lucky reader (sarcasm) the only picture of me meditating (that I’m aware of!).

Aren’t I gorgeous???


Absolutely not.

Legit tho?

Absolutely yes.

This is what meditation looks like…for me, anyway. 

This is my spot after meditation. With no arranging or changing or lighting or any bullsh*t.

Incidentally, this is my spot about 1 minute after my meditation.

So, there you have it. Much like working out, vacation and party glamour shots, the real deal is a bit different. But totally attainable. There is no pie in the sky here. You don’t have to look like a model or be near a beach or temple or even a tree.

Just have your place to sit.

I often hand out a feedback form at the end of my retreats and workshops. One of the questions is, “How would you describe Cheri?” Setting aside all the “Bubbly” and “Energetic” responses is this one word that comes up over and over and over…“Real.”

I gotta tell you, there is no greater compliment.

I want you to know that I am exactly like you. That there is nothing special about me and I meditate almost every single day for a quite a good long time. All this means is that you can do it too!

And I want more than anything to show you the one thing that I have surely figured out…how to make meditation a habit that lasts and lasts…


Because meditation is about as good for you as water, people! 

There is so much for you to see, so much love and peace for you to feel, so many health benefits that you are missing out on only because you haven’t learned how to make meditation a habit yet…and I want you to have it all so so bad!!!!!

So, I am opening up registration today (light this up and send to registration page) for my retreat in August. It is going to be an amazing four-day, three-night immersion into meditation for people living in the real world. A bit of hiking, yoga, massages and lovely cuisine to boot.

Click here to register now because space is limited!

Speaking of being real…my daughter gave me this “prescription” a few days ago…I’m The Stress Therapist for goodness sake!

Does this make me look like a fraud because I obviously get stressed out sometimes, or super legit that I get you and know that the struggle is real??

Your call.

I do know this, that if my husband or someone like him was The Stress Therapist

(Note: my man is never ever stressed! If he was any more laid back, he’d be in a coma!), I don’t think he would be legit….at all. He doesn’t get it, man.


So, goodbye for now from me here at my “home office.” And, I can’t lie, this is my most favorite place.

(Oh, and it may look perfect, but the tables are covered in yellow nasty pollen and those flowers have been dead for a week. For real.)

See you in the mountains!!!! Let’s learn how to get quiet for real, y’all! 

And don’t worry, I won’t take your picture, I promise. 😉


Much Love and Light to You,