A Quick Meditation Tip
The #1 Meditation Problem I Hear and How to Solve It!

The number one complaint that I get from new and old meditation practitioners is the annoying problem of your legs falling asleep!

You know what I mean…first, it’s the pins and needles…then, when you think all is well and good, here comes the ache…the pain! The…agh…I hate it.

So, one day, when I was way deep into meditation, I must have moved my legs just the littlest bit without even knowing it, because all of the sudden, there it was – pins and needles! It seems it only takes the teensiest of movements to alert your brain that your legs are in fact, asleep. Then, there is the lull, followed by the dreaded achey pain…here it comes…get ready…am I right or am I right?

Not this time!

On this particular day, I was super into this meditation. I know this to be true because usually, my ego would love a valid excuse to come out of meditation and deal with a napping limb or two. But I was in the zone, so even though I knew that pins and needles meant the pain was just right around the corner, I was able to, get this…avoid the pain altogether.

How you ask?

Here is what I did: As soon as the pins and needles came, they, of course, got worse. I brought all of my attention to this sensation. I was actually able to remove me from it all…it wasn’t me experiencing these little jabs, but just my legs. I could see myself totally separate from it.

So, as the master and commander of my body, I kept up this mindful outlook and realized I was moving from owning the experience to just being a witness to it.

Then came the pause, and stayed with it. I remained absolutely and completely still. I did not move a muscle big or small, not a flinch or flutter, and guess what???? The pain never came!!!!

I was thinking that this had to be a fluke…I couldn’t possibly pull this off again…right?

A week or so later, it happened again.

I had just come out of meditation and there it was…the dead asleep, no feeling, no nothing sensation in both of my feet and legs up past my knees. I knew this was going to hurt!

So, I took a big breath and moved them both just the littlest bit, so those pins and needles could settle in…staying present, and becoming the observer, I thought, “Ok, bring it!” and as soon as I felt the little stabs of life come back into both legs, as hard as this was, I then went absolutely still. I totally froze.

No pain again! Woot! It WORKED!

So, of course, I Googled it!  Who knew this and didn’t tell me?!?

I couldn’t find a word about it…whaaaaaaat????

Now, I know that I have to tell everyone I know!!!!

Now, this is my go-to method.

As long as I am completely still, which takes some concentration because the impulse, at least always for me, is to move, to work it out…but as long as I remain completely mindful concentrating only on the sensation while remaining absolutely motionless, the pain never comes.

I don’t even care if my legs or any part of me fall asleep! I have a remedy now and one less reason for my body to break my concentration and pull me right out of meditation.

Does this work for you??? I would love to know!

Comment below and while we’re at it, let’s give this little method a name and call it our own…What do you think of, “The Rise and Shine?” Got a better name? Let me know!

Be present. Be awake. Be still. Be free.