You Can CREATE Motivation…Here’s How It Works…

The Mothers of Motivation (MOMs):How to Create MotivationMom #1: Motivation Comes After Action, Not Before This is the key concept when considering motivation.  It is the Mother of all MOMs, in that a good understanding will pave your road to learning and applying all other MOMs.  Motivation comes after action, never before.  This comes as a surprise for most people.  You may be hoping you will [...]

How to Stay Motivated…

How Motivation Works 101: The most important and often overlooked concept here is this: Motivation comes after action, never before. So, you'll have to get yourself moving, just the littlest bit, to start breeding the motivation to stick to something. If this doesn't make any sense to you, you may be confusing inspiration with motivation. [...]

Don’t just get motivated…stay motivated!

We seem to always find it in us to get motivated, but how do we stay motivated? One piece of information that is often unknown, but imperative to your success in either getting something done or even creating a new, healthy habit, is this: Motivation comes after action, not before. If you swear that this [...]

What Keeps You Going?

Hello!Just got back from my "babymoon" with my husband...we went to the Florida Keys.Some interesting history down in Key West....a guy named Mel Fisher searched for a buried treasure for 16 years before he found it in 1985...the loot? 450 million bucks!!!His motto was, "Today's the day!" I love it!One has to wonder, what kept [...]