Feeling busy? Overwhelmed? Stressed Out?

Hello!I’m wondering, are you feeling especially busy, overwhelmed or stressed out?Really???That's great news! Consider yourself a lucky ducky!You mean to tell me that you're not running around looking for shelter or your next meal? You have moved on, gotten those needs met and you're working on what you need to be doing and what you [...]

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Thoughts Are Things!

Hello!Remember Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live? You know, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it, people like me!" As funny as we thought that character was, Stuart was actually on to something. Beliefs are simply thoughts that we have had over and over. That's why affirmations work...you simply need to change your [...]

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Hello!Blowing off an hour run is always easy when we've all got so much to do these days! The truth is, you will have more luck sticking to your habits if you try doing things on a smaller scale, rather than not at all. Whining away running around the block a few times for a [...]

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Take A Break…You Deserve It!

Hello, busy people!Here's the skinny...yes, I am cool with always telling you how to get it done, not worry, stop procrastinating and being on top of everything.BUTIt is crucial that you also take time to relax and enjoy life. You will not be on your death bed wishing that you spent more hours at the [...]

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What Keeps You Going?

Hello!Just got back from my "babymoon" with my husband...we went to the Florida Keys.Some interesting history down in Key West....a guy named Mel Fisher searched for a buried treasure for 16 years before he found it in 1985...the loot? 450 million bucks!!!His motto was, "Today's the day!" I love it!One has to wonder, what kept [...]

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Am I Still Breathing???

These days a lot of talk is rolling around about being "present" and "mindful," what does it all mean anyway??I really like the way Eckert Tolle suggests finding your present moment. He says to just ask yourself, "Am I still breathing?"See, it's impossible to be totally focused on your breath and doing something else. Even [...]

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Lessons how you like ’em…quick and easy!

Hello my relaxation and meditation experts!; pJust kiddin'...no pressure.What a beautiful day it is today in Decatur, Georgia! On perfect days like this one, being stuck or stressed out can seem a million miles away...until the rain comes once again.I'd like to share a story with you that I heard from a talk by Dr. [...]

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Ah, Holiday…

Hello there!So, I have just returned from quite a vacation! Part of my time off included a cruise. As I was saying my good-byes to a few new friends, I noticed many commenting that they feel like they need a "vacation after my vacation."Often, vacations or "holidays," (a seemingly more appropriate term that I love) [...]

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Skip A Blog or Two…

Hello!So, I'm blogging now...I'm a blogger. That's me. Hmmm, it suddenly feels like a lot of pressure.Posting my first blog reminds me a lot of writing your first journal entry...there's far too much pressure to write something profound. My advice? When you get your new journal, skip a few pages right off the bat and [...]