Managing Your “To Do” Lists

Hello, busy people!Here are a few tips on how to keep your "To Do" lists working for you and helping you get it all done!I'm a big fan of "To Do" lists. The point is to get whatever is rolling around in your head on paper so you can stop thinking (and stressing!) about it. [...]

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Yeah, but…

Hello, my loves...I would like to give you some homework today...You know when you are talking with someone and they just insist on focusing on the negative? Perhaps, you are able to really see the positive in their situation, but every time you point it out your companion comes back with a resounding, "Yeah, but..."Is [...]

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Try Out “The Placemat Exercise”

Hello super stars!I learned this trick from Esther and Jerry Hicks...I love it!It's a piece of cake and seems to work every single time I do it!Take a piece of paper and turn it a placemat. On the left side, write the word, "Me," on the right side, write, "The Universe."Write your to do [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions…How’s it goin’???

It's a New Year, baby!If you know me at all, you know that this is my very favorite subject...I just feel like all I do is talk about, write about and harp on the New Year's Resolutionist's Mistake...Rather than go on and on again, I'm going to give you the short version, the links to [...]

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Hello!So, how’s the “holiday season” going for you?Busy? Really busy? Really? Honestly?Don’t get stuck in the “When-Then Trap!”I want you to try an experiment…just a little something that’s super easy…The next time you say to yourself or to someone else,“That will have to wait until after the holidays” or“I’m not even going to think about [...]

This Is So Simple!

Hello!I just wanted to quickly post a little something for you to think about...You know how your friend had a baby and your neighbor is having a birthday and your boss is having a party and you have to pick up a onesie, a gift and a bottle of wine???That puts you in three different [...]

Dealing with Difficult People

Hello!Nothing gets a stress level soaring like a nasty interchange with someone that just seems impossible to get along with...We all have to do it at some or another and as the holidays begin to creep up on us, it may be good to have a few more tools in your toolbox, if you know [...]

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Am I Still Breathing???

These days a lot of talk is rolling around about being "present" and "mindful," what does it all mean anyway??I really like the way Eckert Tolle suggests finding your present moment. He says to just ask yourself, "Am I still breathing?"See, it's impossible to be totally focused on your breath and doing something else. Even [...]

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Journey Into Healing

Aaaah...I've just returned from a Deepak Chopra conference entitled, "Journey Into Healing"...what a cool experience!Vegetarian meals, twice daily meditation and yoga, classes on healthy living and happy there's a de-stresser! Check out the Chopra center events at It was a pleasure to meet Deepak and hear him speak after reading a few of [...]

Lessons how you like ’em…quick and easy!

Hello my relaxation and meditation experts!; pJust kiddin' pressure.What a beautiful day it is today in Decatur, Georgia! On perfect days like this one, being stuck or stressed out can seem a million miles away...until the rain comes once again.I'd like to share a story with you that I heard from a talk by Dr. [...]

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